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dedicated to the theme
Abundance through Being in the Flow

Harmonizing the Ancient Energy Arts with the 21st Century Way of Life

New Summit 

Do you want to overcome any obstacles and energy blocks that may be preventing you from enjoying life more fully and fulfilling your life purpose?

Would you like to learn how to not merely survive, but to start thriving by accomplishing more, while spending less time and energy?

Do you want to know how to harmonize achieving your personal well-being and prosperity with creating abundance in your family, community and the entire world?

If so, you are at the right place and at the right time!

Welcome to the Second Summit of Qigong Masters, where you will discover true Abundance through Being in the Flow by learning from the premiere master-teachers and pioneering practitioners of Energy Arts spanning the spectrum of expertise from personal development to new paradigms in healing.

What is it?
This is a unique and revolutionary video meetup bringing together some of the top Qigong masters dedicated to sharing their secrets of the Art of Being in the Flow.

Who is it for?
This event is for conscious people, who are motivated by personal growth and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives, gathering to collaborate and learn from brilliant thought leaders.

Why should you register?
This summit will empower you to align your vision with your life’s purpose to manifest your greatest dreams. You are here for a noble purpose – to create a meaningful life filled with joy, love and abundance.

What will happen when you register?
You will participate in integrating the ancient wisdom of Qigong with the cutting edge methods, practical tools and spiritual insights, such as meditation, visualization, and lucid dreaming.


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Feel free to enjoy watching the interviews with these presenters by entering your name and email above. Consider this page a membership site where you don't have to remember your password.

Lama Tantrapa 250

Lama Tantrapa, the founder of Academy of Qi Dao and creator of Qigong Coaching, coaches you how to shift from the paradigm of "having" abundance to "being" abundant

Cathy Mu

Cathy "TianJia" Mu, CPA, financial planner and the founder of the PureBeautiful Healing, walks you step-by-step toward financial freedom

Pedram Shojai 1

Dr. Pedram Shojai, the director of, explains the reasons what makes some people more abundant then others

Philip Yang

Dr. Philip Yang, the president of the Nine Star University of Health Sciences, offers the abundance of health advise

Mark Johnson 1

Mark Johnson, co-founder of the National Qigong Association, explains his secrets of being abundant by being in the state of Play

Jerry Alan Johnson 4

Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, the founder of the International Institutes of Medical Qigong, demonstrates the magic of abundance in relationships

Teja Bell

Teja Bell, the creator of Radiant Heart Qigong as well as QigongDharma, shows the connections between Karma - the law of cause and effect - and abundance

Nadia Hole

Dr. Nadia Linda Hole, a Medical Physician specializing in Qigong, demonstrates abundance of acceptance and unconditional love

George Love 250

Dr. George Xavier Love, the lineage holder of the Blue Dragon style of Qigong, shares the secrets of hisapproach to breathing for abundance

Bill Douglas 1

Bill Douglas, the co-founder of the World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, examines abundance through community service and collaboration

Effie Chow 1

Dr. Effie Chow, the founder of the World Qigong Federation, exploring the ways to be abundant by becoming less reactive and more responsive

Stanley Ngui

Dr. Stanley Ngui, the lineage holder of the Ngui style of Qigong and Kung fu, sharing his methods of becoming abundant with Feng Shui and I Ching

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