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The Secrets of Qigong Masters talk show with Lama Tantrapa

Do you want to overcome any obstacles and energy blocks that may be preventing you from enjoying life more fully and fulfilling your life purpose?

Would you like to learn how to not merely survive, but to start thriving by accomplishing more, while spending less time and energy?

Do you want to know how to harmonize achieving your personal well-being and prosperity with creating abundance in your family, community and the entire world?

If so, you are in the right place at the right time!

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Enjoy All the Current Episodes!

You are welcome to enjoy all our Featured Episodes and the entire Current Season by joining our membership tribe!

Discover for yourself the true essence of the Energy Arts, Internal Martial Arts, Holistic Healing, and Spiritual Awakening by immersing yourself into the never-ending flow of interviews on our show. You will be learning from the premiere master-teachers and pioneering practitioners of Energy Arts from all over the world spanning the spectrum of expertise from personal development to the new paradigms in healing.

What is it?
This is a unique and revolutionary online community bringing together some of the top masters of Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, and related disciplines, sharing the secrets that many masters don't want you to know about.

Who is it for?
Our community is for conscious people, who are motivated by personal growth and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives, gathering to collaborate and learn from many of the top thought leaders in our beloved arts.

Why should you register?
Our award-winning show is known for compiling the largest collection of interviews with Qigong masters in the world. Listening to and/or watching the episodes of our talk show will empower you to align your vision with your life’s purpose to manifest your greatest dreams. You are here for a noble purpose – to create a meaningful life filled with joy, love and abundance.

What will happen when you register?
You will get unlimited access to the Current Season of our show as well as the rotating selection of the Featured Episodes with our amazing guests. You wil also receive complimentary access to several of our unique webinar series integrating the ancient wisdom of Qigong with other cutting edge coaching methods, practical tools, and spiritual insights on creativity, self-healing, and personal development.

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